Charter Bus Rental

The Complete Guide to the 3 Basic Types of Charter Bus Services

The three types of charter bus services are shuttle, motorcoach, and tour bus. A shuttle bus is a smaller bus typically used for transporting groups of people within a city or to nearby cities. A motorcoach is larger than the shuttle and usually holds around 40-60 passengers. Typically, it’s used for tours and excursions with multiple stops including hotels and airports. A tour bus is a large vehicle that will take groups of people on a trip that covers long distances or even an entire country, often with scheduled stops.

1. Shuttle Service

Shuttle buses have the ability to move from one location to another. This service is most frequently used for group transportation such as for school field trips or sporting events. Shuttle buses may also be used for individual transportation such as for shopping or sightseeing.

Types of shuttle buses:

  • Non-air conditioned
  • Non-stop Compact Economy
  • Intercity Van Coach
  • Convertible Van

2. Motorcoach

A motorcoach is similar to a shuttle bus in that it is used for transporting groups of people. However, a shuttle bus is more commonly used for transporting individuals, whereas a motorcoach is used for transporting groups of people. A motorcoach is larger than the shuttle bus and usually holds around 40-60 passengers. They are typically used for excursions and tours.

They tend to have far more amenities on board and are more often used for long-distance travel.  Greyhound buses would be an example of a motorcoach, however while private bus charters are comparable in size they are far nicer than anything you will get from Greyhound.  Often large groups hire motorcoaches will take a tour group from Atlanta to Nashville as an example.

3. Tour Buses

Tour Bus Tour buses are the largest and most luxurious vehicles used for transporting groups of people. Tour buses are often chartered for large special events such as concerts, conventions, and sporting events. They can also be used for sightseeing and touring.

The number of seats available on a tour bus is usually limited to a maximum of around 40-50 passengers. Some tour buses have reclining seats or sleeping bunks in the back. A tour bus can accommodate more than just passengers.

I hope this helps you with your research.  Shuttle buses, motorcoaches, and tour buses all fall under the general category of bus charter services. They can be booked individually or together for larger events. There is a wide variety of choices in each type. For example, you can choose shuttle buses that hold less than 10 people or motorcoaches that hold around 40 people. You can also find tour buses that are perfect for large groups or smaller tour buses that are only big enough to accommodate your family.