VBS Fair – Top Pick – Bible Blast to the Past
VBS Fair – Top Pick – Bible Blast to the Past

Bible Blast from the Past cover

Editor’s note: This post is part of our VBS Review Fair here on Key Resources, where we’ll be featuring reviews of our top picks from this year’s curricula. You can download the full review packet here.

Bible Blast to the Past
“Discover God’s Everlasting Love”
Standard Publishing

Bible Blast to the Past is designed to bring children closer to God through Bible stories, relationships, and service to others. Through stories from both the Old and New Testaments, participants explore characteristics of God’s love.

There is a strong emphasis throughout the program and in the instructional “cards” for leaders to “lead kids to Christ.” Denominations like the Episcopal Church emphasize baptism as the entry point to the church and a relationship with Christ. VBS programs in these churches will need to instruct leaders about differences in language and theology in talking about relationships with Jesus.

The developmental tips provided to teachers for children of different age groups are sound and useful. The teaching methodology overall is clear and straightforward.

Age Levels: Preschool, Elementary (younger & older), Teen, Adult (separate purchase)


  • Clip Art/Reproducible CD
  • Music Action Training DVD
  • Reproducible music CD/split track audio
  • Skits/Drama DVD
  • Age‐level resource CDs
  • Decorating/publicity CD
  • Media disc with MP3 and MP4 files for music/videos


  • Standard produces the most complete starter kit among the major publishers, with decorating panels, downloadable art, worship intros, poster packs for each center, among other useful materials.
  • Bible story presentations are interactive resulting in full participation of the children.
  • Clear and complete instructions for including children with special needs ensure that they are fully integrated in the program.
  • All‐new songs and music videos were created by Yancy, a Christian rock artist, who gives new life to traditional songs like “Jesus Loves Me.”
  • Strong emphasis is given throughout the program to mission and service; projects are focused on community needs and issues.


  • Leader “cards” are downloadable and can be sent electronically to staff. Printed leader guides are not available; the cards that replace them are not as complete as traditional guides. Some teachers will need more help in navigating the children through their centers.
  • Some of the crafts are too complicated for some age groups.
  • Snack menus are creative and fun, but tend to be more on the sugary side than healthy.

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Dorothy Linthicum (@dslinthicum) is an instructor at Virginia Theological Seminary and program coordinator in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching.

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