Teens, Tweens, and Tech: A survey and lesson plan
Teens, Tweens, and Tech: A survey and lesson plan

Teens, Tweens & Tech

I’ve mentioned here before a fantastic Fuller Youth Institute interview with danah boyd, author of It’s Complicated and one of the leading experts on how teens use digital media. Many of you were excited about that resource, and if you liked it, I think you’re really gonna like this next one.

The WNYC show New Tech City recently launched a series of episodes about teenagers. The first features Dierdre Shetler, a middle school technology teacher who created a survey aimed at launching honest conversations with her students.

It worked.

The episode is definitely worth a listen. But I also encourage you to take advantage of the materials Shetler and New Tech City created for other teachers who want to talk to kids about the good and the bad in their relationship with technology.

If you’re a youth minister, Sunday school teacher, parent, or godparent who needs some help getting that conversation going, download the survey as a jumping off point, and check out the accompanying lesson plan for reflection questions and more.

If you find the activity helpful, we encourage you to reach out to the show and keep your eyes peeled about their upcoming Twitter chat. And of course, we hope you’ll tell us what you learned.

Kyle Matthew Oliver (@kmoliver) is digital missioner and learning lab coordinator in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary. He loves podcasts, if you haven’t figured that out yet.

Image credit: Screenshot from the New Tech City post.

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