Podcast review: Revs
Podcast review: Revs

Revs Podcast logo

Title: Revs

Tagline: “Hello, Reverend”

Creators: Beth Birkholz and Scott Seeke

Genre: Conversation

Frequency: Monthly

Availability: iTunesRSSStreaming

Study Guides: No (but we’re open to it: email your request)


What are they up to?

Offering a down-to-earth clergy couple’s perspective(s) on issues of faith, life, and church leadership. Episodes are conversation all the way through and last a half hour or so. Inspired by another podcast you may have heard me mention, the hosts end with what’s making them happy this week.

Whom are they looking for?

First and foremost, people curious about, as the title of their first episode puts it, ”How Does THAT [their life together] Work?” A member of a soon-to-be clergy couple, I have a vested interest in that question. But the generous stories and opinions widen the appeal, and the conversation mostly steers away from Lutheran (or even clergy) “inside baseball.”

Where are they coming from?

The hosts are both Lutheran pastors living in “the most suburban of suburbs” of Atlanta. They met in seminary and have very different ministries. Their politics are more liberal than their neighbors think (see episode 3).

Why do we love it?

The conversations are personal and practical—stuff like mission trips, sermon writing, growing and raising food. I think the August episode, on women’s leadership, was the best yet.

How can you use it?

Inspiration for living a committed Christian life, especially as a minister, as a couple, or as family.

Final verdict

Fun and faithful. Listening really lets you get to know Scott and Beth, and I have found that to be a delightful experience.


Kyle Matthew Oliver (@kmoliver) is the digital missioner and learning lab coordinator in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching.

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