Podcast review: The Moonshine Jesus Show
Podcast review: The Moonshine Jesus Show

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Title: The Moonshine Jesus Show

Tagline: a “backyard brew of high octane theological perspectives on pop-culture and politics”

Creators: David Henson and Mark Sandlin

Genre: Conversation

Frequency: Twice weekly (for now), one show dealing with current issues and one looking at the the week’s lectionary readings

Availability: iTunes, StitcherRSSStreaming


What are they up to?

David Henson and Mark Sandlin are an Episcopal priest and a Presbyterian minister, respectively, who spend this half-hour podcast drinking a choice adult beverage while discussing the intersection of faith and culture.

Whom are they looking for?

Anyone who likes to keep one foot grounded in faith and the other in the news of the world around them.

Where are they coming from?

Henson and Sandlin are both southern progressive Christians serving mainline denominations, but they remain highly attuned to the larger Christian culture. Admittedly progressive, they only seek to begin the conversation and never insist on the final word.

Why do we love it?

Wendell Berry once said, “There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred and desecrated places.” Henson and Sandlin try to prove him right through looking at topical issues from television, movies, sports, and even (gulp) Washington politics.

On a recent episode, they talk about Jimmy Fallon, new host of The Tonight Show, and what he can teach the church (answer= a lot).

How can you use it?

Finding good entry points in seeing how culture can illuminate the gospel, and vice versa.

Final verdict

Excellent. I’ve found myself watching television and wondering, “What would the Moonshine Jesus Show say about this … ?”

Cortney Dale (@CortneyHD) is an M.Div middler at Virginia Theological Seminary.

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