Podcast review: The Collect Call
Podcast review: The Collect Call

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Title: The Collect Call (from the Acts 8 Moment)

Tagline: “Proclaiming resurrection in the Episcopal Church”

Creators:  Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale and Holli Powell

Genres: Conversation, prayer

Frequency: Weekly

Availability: iTunesRSSStreaming


What are they up to?

Chatting about the spiritual meaning and historical background of the Collect of the Week, the appointed prayer that collects (get it?) the day’s themes at the beginning of every Sunday service.

The podcast so far has been a “pilot project” for the Easter season, but the hosts are open to continuing beyond Pentecost. The Acts 8 feed also currently includes audio resources for praying the Anglican Rosary.

Whom are they looking for?

Christian disciples seeking an encouraging word of hope and the chance to expand their liturgical knowledge a bit.

Where are they coming from?

Holli and Brendan are friends, lay Episcopalians, and members of congregations in Kentucky and Indiana, respectively. They’re podcasting on behalf of the Acts 8 Moment, a group founded in 2012 with the mission of advocating hopeful discernment of the Holy Spirit’s call for the future of the Episcopal Church.

[Full disclosure: I’ve begun participating in periodic Acts 8 BLOGFORCE challenges.]

Why do we love it?

Great podcasts have a clear mission, and this one couldn’t be clearer: to “go deep” each week with a prayer we routinely gloss over or ignore entirely. My favorite segment is the Twitter Challenge, where each host takes a stab at distilling the collect to 140 characters.

How can you use it?

To live more deeply into the spiritual themes present in Sunday worship and laugh along with two friends who have an easy on-air chemistry.

Final verdict

Wonderfully simple concept, and a natural Episcopal complement to the many lectionary-based podcasts available. I’m hoping Brendan and Holli decide to continue with it.


Kyle Matthew Oliver (@kmoliver) is the digital missioner and learning lab coordinator in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching, a contributor at Faith Formation Learning Exchange, and a panelist on the Easter People podcast.

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