Book review: The Spy on Noah’s Ark
Book review: The Spy on Noah’s Ark

spy on noah's ark

The Spy on Noah’s Ark and Other Bible Stories from the Inside Out (Forward Movement, 2013) is a charming book of children’s Bible stories by Episcopal priest Lindsay Hardin Freeman. It gives a fresh spin to stories kids may already know from formation classes or from other Bible story books. Basic stories of the Old and New Testaments are told from the viewpoint of an animal who might have observed the story or by an object key to the story. The Feeding of the Five Thousand is told by a grateful ant that got to share the feast. The Star of Bethlehem tells the story of Jesus’ birth. We find out how Daniel avoided becoming a lion’s dinner from the lion himself.

Each story is followed by a short scripture reading and questions for both children and adults. Children familiar with the original stories will enjoy pointing out new details and differences brought by these new perspectives. Most stories are fairly short and would make a great bedtime story or a presentation for a children’s class or chapel service. The print edition of A Spy on Noah’s Ark is available through for $10; an e-edition is available through online bookstores for $9.

Cindy Coe (@CynthiaCoe) is 2013 Guest Editor for Episcopal Teacher and a Christian formation specialist with Episcopal Relief & Development.

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