Book review: Faith Formation 4.0
Book review: Faith Formation 4.0

Faith Formation 4.0 cover

Faith Formation 4.0 (Morehouse, 2013) is essential reading for contemporary church leadership. Much like a “build your own adventure,” the content is organized to encourage readers concerned about evangelization and/or faith formation in a digital age, to enter the rich conversation through multiple doors.

Grounded soundly in scripture, theology, history, sociology of religion, human development and learning theory, Julie Lytle describes the complex ecology of being church today.

Ambitious in its scope, practical in its purpose, rich in examples, Faith Formation 4.0 makes the compelling case that thoroughly engaging the process of “message, method, then media” will form healthy Christians and a vital church.


Lisa Kimball (@kimball_lisa) is the director of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching.

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