App review: It’s Advent
App review: It’s Advent


As a Christian, I consider Advent to be an incredible and holy time of anticipating God’s entrance into the world. Unfortunately, my twenty-first-century American response to waiting is generally to make myself as busy as humanly possible.

I really appreciate Church Publishing’s new Advent app (available for iOS only) because, while it does not have a huge number of bells and whistles, it is a simple daily reminder to stop, take time away from the hectic nature of the season, and wait for God.

With charming art by the Rev. Jay Sidebotham, each day offers a short meditation, Scripture reading, and a space to journal your thoughts and reflections. I think the app will be a blessing to busy Christians during this blessed Advent season.

iOS version available here

Kate Siberine (@KateSiberine) is the graphic designer in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching and an M.Div. student at Virginia Theological Seminary.

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