‘Sunday Happens’ every week on ‘Building Faith’
‘Sunday Happens’ every week on ‘Building Faith’

Kids in Pews

In case you missed the news last week, we wanted to announce in this space that the Center for the Ministry of Teaching will be continuing the tremendously popular Building Faith blog, formerly published by our colleague Sharon Ely Pearson of Church Publish, Inc. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, editors Matthew Kozlowski and Charlotte Greeson will bring you  the same great content you’ve come to expect, some of it from contributors you already know.

New to the site is a weekly column called “Sunday Happens,” which debuted yesterday and is reprinted below. Check it out each week for short “post-game” reflections from faith formation ministers all around the country. Enjoy!

Today’s reflection comes from Kristen Bryant, Director of Children and Youth Ministries at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Gainesville Florida.

What went right today?
A half marathon went by our church today, and we were able to support two parishioners and one sunday school teacher who ran in the race.  I helped model teaching and class management for two new Sunday School volunteers, and we had a lot of fun!

What went wrong?
Two youth in conflict over leadership positions in the church each sought me out for help.  It is challenging to walk a balance beam between keeping confidence and giving insight to each one’s motives.  I worry my actions may perpetuate the conflict, but hope I helped alleviated it.

How did Jesus surprise you?
It constantly amazes me how great children are at evangelizing.  Several children brought their friends along to Children’s Chapel today, because “It’s soooo fun.”   I saw Jesus at play in their smiles and giggles.

Building Faith is a blog of Christian formation inspiration from the Center for the Ministry of Teaching, edited by Matthew Kozlowski (@Rev_Koz) and Charlotte Greeson.

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