Collects for communication
Collects for communication

Judy Fentress-Williams at e-Formation

We’ve had a lot of requests to share our collects for the four eras of human communication. We used these prayers at last year’s e-Formation Conference, in a plenary session inspired by Julie Lytle’s Faith Formation 4.0. So we thought we’d follow up on yesterday’s liturgical theme and share them with you today.

Please feel free to use these prayers in any context that seems appropriate to you. If there’s a way to acknowledge the Center for the Ministry of Teaching when you do, we’d certainly appreciate it.

Wanna see the four eras “in action” at least year’s conference? Watch the opening plenary here.

Collects for Communication
Inspired by Faith Formation 4.0 by Julie Lytle

Collect for Oral Communication

Almighty God, you spoke the universe into being and made us to hear and tell the story of your love: Give us the courage, insight, humor, and passion to proclaim that story still, in faithful witness to our hope in you; who with the Son and the Holy Spirit is glorified in the telling. Amen.

Collect for Written Communication

Merciful God, you write your commandments on our hearts, and you equipped your servant Paul to write with power to the communities he nurtured: Help us to claim our part in the encouragement of disciples by the written word, in the name of the One who is the Word-made-flesh; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Collect for Broadcast Communication

Gracious God, you fashioned for yourself a priestly kingdom and a holy nation, to be a sign of your faithfulness to the world: Energize our witness to the Light sent out for the salvation of us all, and make us ever more effective channels of your amazing grace; in the name of the living God who shows no partiality. Amen.

Collect for Interactive Communication

Loving God, your triune life shows us that there is no unity without diversity, no center without an encircling dance: Strengthen our mutual connections, that we may bear one another’s burdens and celebrate the joys of our shared abundant life in you; in the name of the One who calls us each by name. Amen.

Kyle Matthew Oliver (@kmoliver) is the digital missioner and learning lab coordinator in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching and on the program team for the 2014 e-Formation Conference, June 2–4 in Alexandria, VA.

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  1. See also, the Rev. Jan Nunley’s “Prayer for Communicators” (p. 2) and Carol Barnwell’s “Commissioning of Communications Ministers” (Appendix B, p. 155) in my book, The Word Made Fresh: Communicating Church and Faith Today.