Easter People, Episode 5: Catching Fire, heated debate
Easter People, Episode 5: Catching Fire, heated debate

Catching Fire promo still

For our pre-Christmas episode, the Easter People head to the movies—twice. We all took in The Huger Games: Catching Fire over Thanksgiving weekend, and we share our (generally positive) reflections.

(And, as a matter of some corporate trepidation for us, here’s the link to the Jesus movie trailer Randall mentioned.)

Then it’s on to a less bloody competition: the fight for Christmas cinematic supremacy. Each panelist attempts to sell you on his or her favorite Christmas movie. Who will be the victor? You decide—vote here.

And finally, here are some links from our Green Shoots lightning round:

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Randall Curtis (@randallcurtis), Jason Evans (@jasonevans), Lisa Kimball (@kimball_lisa), and Kyle Oliver (@kmoliver) are four friends who work for the church but not in a church. They get together a couple times a month to talk about the stuff that matters to them: faith, culture, learning, and service.

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