Easter People #40: Live from e-Formation 2015
Easter People #40: Live from e-Formation 2015

Easter People at e-Formation

Welcome to another live episode of Easter People! We had a blast meeting many of you at the e-Formation Conference and recordings a live show over lunch. We hope it turned out more exciting than the Rule of St. Benedict.

Here are a couple important notes we need to share:

  1. The sound in this episode is, to be honest, horrible. We’re sorry it didn’t turn out better, and we’re sorry we lost the bit in the middle. We hope you’ll listen anyway, because there’s nothing quite like the energy of a live show.
  2. We are sad to announce that this will be the last regularly scheduled episode of Easter People. It’s gotten very hard to get this busy group together as often as we need to, and we wanted to end things before they started to feel any more like a burden rather than a joy. But never fear—we’ll be recording occasionally when we see each other around the church. Which is actually a lot. So stay tuned, as early as the Episcopal Church General Convention (#gc78) in just a couple of weeks. Thanks for supporting the show!

And a BIG thank you to Sally Cook for suggesting our show topic! Thanks for listening, and thanks for helping us end our show on the best note possible: by talking about friendship.

Finally, here’s the cat video Randall mentioned at 16:22.

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Randall Curtis (@randallcurtis), Jason Evans (@jasonevans), Lisa Kimball (@kimball_lisa), and Kyle Oliver (@kmoliver) are four friends who work for the church but not in a church. They get together a couple times a month to talk about the stuff that matters to them: faith, culture, learning, and service.


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