Easter People #35: What we’ve learned from the women in our lives
Easter People #35: What we’ve learned from the women in our lives


With Lisa unable to join us, our temporarily all-male Easter People cast has a conversation about the many things we’ve learned from the women in our lives. A brief summary: lots of gratitude, lots of hope for the future. Then we play a movie mashup game based on a recent Twitter hashtag and share our Green Shoots.


Finally, a sad note: This will be Jason’s final episode with us. We’re so grateful for all the punk and heavy metal he brought into our lives. And for so much more. We’ll miss you, buddy.

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Randall Curtis (@randallcurtis), Jason Evans (@jasonevans), Lisa Kimball (@kimball_lisa), and Kyle Oliver (@kmoliver) are four friends who work for the church but not in a church. They get together a couple times a month to talk about the stuff that matters to them: faith, culture, learning, and service.

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