Easter People #12: The Technology Episode
Easter People #12: The Technology Episode


Welcome to our episode about technology: the stuff we love, and the stuff we hate! We also play another Twitter game and share our Green Shoots.

Before the linkfest begins, this is our official announcement that we’ll be watching some episodes of the British TV show Rev. for Easter People #13. Watch along with us via Hulu here.

Technology links

  • Randall’s like: WhatsApp – cross-platform group texting
  • Randall’s dislike: Printers – remember this? (NOT safe for work)
  • Lisa’s like: Insight Timer – prayer bell mobile app
  • Lisa’s dislike: GPS programs – specifically the way they disconnect you from the landscape
  • Kyle’s like: JAMBOX – wireless bluetooth speaker
  • Kyle’s dislike: GIMP crashing and losing changes – though he still recommends the program
  • Jason’s like: Sesame Street children’s book apps – specifically The Monster at the End of This Book and The Great Cookie Thief
  • Jason’s dislike: Un-deletable native apps on iOS and Android

See also David Foster Wallace’s “E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction” from A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again, “Do We Need Humans?” from the TED Radio Hour, and Google Flu Trends.

Twitter game links



God, etc.

Green Shoots

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Randall Curtis (@randallcurtis), Jason Evans (@jasonevans), Lisa Kimball (@kimball_lisa), and Kyle Oliver (@kmoliver) are four friends who work for the church but not in a church. They get together a couple times a month to talk about the stuff that matters to them: faith, culture, learning, and service.

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