Episcopal Children’s Curriculum art
Episcopal Children’s Curriculum art


Ruth and Naomi (available here)

I regularly get calls and emails from faith formation folks looking for Church-related image libraries. Sometimes they want to supplement worship bulletins or slides; other times they’re hoping to spruce up websites, newsletters, etc.

Indeed, pretty much anyone doing work on the Web these days has their eyes peeled for free, topical, high-quality image libraries, partly because images get shared. Call it the Pinterestification of the Internet (or something less silly if you prefer).

And quite aside from the demands of Web content, many visual learners need images to help them engage with what they’re learning.

We’re not going to solve all your image needs, but the CMT recently came into digital copies of some of our classic content, and we wanted to share it with you (“freely to a trusting, uncynical public,” as one of my favorite podcasts puts it).

With heartfelt thanks to our colleague Day Smith Pritchartt—who cropped them all from the PDFs available here—we are pleased to be able to offer the take-home card images from Episcopal Children’s Curriculum. They’ve been uploaded as six sets on our Flickr Photostream (123456).

We release most of our Flickr images with a Creative Commons license, which means you can use them in your publications for free, simply by crediting the Center for the Ministry of Teaching.

Are these high-resolution photos for your print publications? No. (Though may we recommend Pixabay, an excellent source for public domain images—some of which are really fantastic.)

Are some of these images a little dated? You bet. Pretty much all of them, in fact. (Though may we recommend the Old and New Project if you’re looking for more modern biblical inspiration.)

Do we have the rights to put a Creative Commons license on all of them? Not quite, so do be careful about that when downloading.

But what we do have, we gladly share. We hope you’ll find them useful.


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