In the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary, we get a lot of calls, emails, tweets, and other inquiries about the best resources for and approaches to lifelong faith formation in the Episcopal Church and beyond. A year or so into our “digital mission”—the process of making our work more available by taking it online in a systematic way—we decided we needed a place to collect our recommendations, reviews, research, and commentary. This is that place.

If you’re looking for a clearinghouse of many, many resources, Key Resources is not what you need. Allow us to recommend instead the Center for Spiritual Resources, home to a large and growing Resource Portal maintained by a large team of curators (including us). The CSR aims to be as complete as possible—not only in the area of faith formation but in other areas of church life and spiritual practice.

Our site includes just what is says, key resources, the stuff we think you really need to know about, based on the conversations we have in the center every day. We hope you find it helpful, and we welcome your feedback.

Please note that this site went live October 8, 2013, and we still have lots of back-content to load up. Please check back often for updates or subscribe via email or via a feed reader.