Confirm Not Conform
Confirm Not Conform

Confirm Not Conform

Need a “go-to” toolkit for adult Christian formation? Forward Movement’s Confirm Not Conform is now available as an adult program. This program provides a solid and comprehensive set of lesson plans for adults on the “basics” of our faith – church history, scripture, the sacraments, spirituality, and the Book of Common Prayer.

This resource set rightly bills itself as a “compendium” of resources for adult faith formation. Introductory materials emphasize that use of the materials should fit your individual congregation and setting. These adult materials were designed as a companion program for parents of youth going through the Confirm Not Conform youth program. However, Christian educators and clergy are encouraged to “pick and choose” materials for use in other settings as well.

These lesson plans are highly readable and do-able. Readily available and inexpensive supplies – markers, pens, flip chart, paper, and the like – are all you need to implement the program. For what you get, the program is a deal. Materials are provided by download, and pricing is based on the size of your congregation. A package of both the adult and youth programs is available for mid-size parishes of 100 to 299 average Sunday attendance for $549. Support from the Forward Movement staff is included, and a discount is available for updates to the curriculum. Diocesan plans are available; see details at

Even if you do not have a lengthy adult confirmation program in your parish, these materials make handy, easy to use, and reliable resources for stand-alone presentations or 3-5 session series on such topics as Anglicanism, church history, theology, or scripture. The program even provides “homework” for adults wanting to dig deeper or for use during retreats or lengthier programs.

In this era of welcoming newcomers who may not know any of the history or basic tenets of the Episcopal Church, materials that focus on the “basics” are a much needed resource for those leading adults in faith formation. Before we can expect adults to serve others, contribute their time and talents to our projects, or even lend a hand in the parish kitchen, we need to first introduce ourselves…and our church.

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