Podcast Resources
Podcast Resources

Podcast Resources bannerWe love podcasts! Podcasts are series of short audio (and sometimes video) programs that you subscribe to like a magazine and then listen to like a radio show—a show for which you choose the “broadcast” time. They’re easy to download to your smartphone, laptop, or mp3 player for listening on your commute, while exercising, or anywhere else.

Not only are podcasts a fun and convenient way to keep up with news and entertainment; they’re also excellent companions to faith learning and practice outside of church. As with any form of media, they’re a mixed bag in terms of general quality and theological perspective. And that’s why we now offer podcast curation in the form of reviews and study guides.

We learn about shows even faster than we can review them, but we hope you’ll still tell us about your favorites for possible review. And if you’re a podcast creator who would like to submit study guides for inclusion on our website, please let us know.

Visit the Podcast Resources download page on the CMT website.

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